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Apr 27 2016

Welcome New Partners!

Emergent has been taking great strides in expanding our already vast partner network to bring you complete portfolios of solutions. Recently, we have acquired two new partnerships that will provide our customers with some of the lastest, and most innovative technologies offered in the industry.  We would like to welcome Read More

Apr 18 2016

Diving Into the Dark Web - Part 2

In Part 1, we saw a few examples with dark web storefronts offering stolen data. In this post, Part 2, we will be discussing malware (software that is intended to damage or disable computer and computer systems), and solutions to protect your assets from one of our partners in cyber security,… Read More

Apr 7 2016

ROI on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms Makes It a No-Brainer

I never understood the term "no-brainer". It seems to me it takes some brains to make no brainer decisions. Hyperbole, I guess. However you see it, brains or no brains required, implementing AEM Forms is a simple decision.  While there are many reasons to consider implementing AEM Forms a simple… Read More

Apr 6 2016

Diving Into the Dark Web - Part 1

WHAT IS THE DARK WEB? The Internet - an invaluable asset to everyone, a place where you have access to information at your fingertips with just a click of a mouse. But what do we REALLY know about the information we find and post online? There is more to the Internet… Read More

Mar 15 2016

Letter from the President

It’s an exciting time for Emergent and part of the excitement is the announcement of our new Blog.  A primary focus of Emergent over the past 2 years has been expanding into the Cyber Security marketplace.  As such, we have partnered with the leading technology partners allowing Emergent to uniquely… Read More