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Sep 1 2016

2016 Federal Fiscal Year End

Emergent joins the rest of the Federal Government contractor base in closing out the Federal Fiscal Year.  It is always a wild ride filled with excitement, opportunity and a tremendous number of government professionals doing beyond their best to serve the citizens of this great country.  

After 22 years in government contracting, I have learned time and time again that the government employee is underrated and under appreciated.  The effort that the average employee puts forth on an average day is admirable, and the effort that they put forth during the last few months of the Fiscal Year borders on heroic in many cases.  

We in the private sector think that we are the only ones that set our families aside for professional heroism.  Aside from the heroism of the Defense and Intelligence communities, there are tens of thousands of civilian workers who set their families, personal time, and interests aside to serve the public every single day.

Emergent's focus is the success of their customer base in achieving their missions.  In order to achieve this, each of us is committed to providing the best solutions and the best service.  Please know that you can count on our highly trained and highly technical staff to assist you in achieving your goals.  In addition to our well-trained and highly technical staff, we offer a plethora of contractual options including GSA, SEWP V and CIO-CS | NITAAC to expedite and streamline your purchases and acquisitions.

Please reach out to us should you have any questions or needs whatsoever.

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