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Mar 14 2018

Adobe Connect Web Series Interview: Jeremy Grimm

With the launching of Emergent’s new Adobe Connect Webinar Series, let’s go behind the scenes and talk with the brains of the operation, the Emergent in-house Adobe Connect trainer, Jeremy Grimm.

Q1: What is the difference between this new Adobe Connect Webinar Series and the one Emergent did last year?

The webinar series this year is going to focus more on how to face and overcome the challenges common with virtual and blended meetings, training, and webinars.

Q2: What is it that helps Adobe Connect stand out from the competition?

The Adobe Connect platform offers a high degree of flexibility. Whether you are looking to collaborate with 2-3 remote co-workers on an upcoming project, or you are looking to present a Webinar series to 1500 persons. Adobe connect has the flexibility to accommodate. Customization of the Connect environment is key to success here. Set up rooms ahead of time, or modify on the fly to suit the immediate need. Connect has you covered with an easy and intuitive interface that will have you comfortably working with the tool in minutes.

Q3: Will there be more audience interaction and engagement with this new webinar series?

Users will have a complete user experience in these presentations. Polling, chat and file downloads, are just some of the ways that the audience will be interacting with the presenter in this webinar series. For those participants that are looking for more hands-on learning or want to address specific questions or issues that they are having with their virtual events, we offer Adobe Connect open office hours Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 12 PM EST: