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Oct 17 2017

An Inside Look into Emergent’s Adobe Digital Marketing

The concept of digital marketing has always played a large role in contributing to the success of a company, and with today's world of evolving technology, it is more important now than ever to stay ahead of the curve. With that being said, I recently had the opportunity to discuss this topic with Emergent's very own Adobe Digital Marketing Team Lead, Mike Georges. 

Blair: How long have you been with the Emergent Adobe Digital Marketing team?

Mike: I have been working for Emergent for the past 10 years. First, supporting customer engagement platforms for 8 years and then, for the last 6 years working with digital marketing. 

Blair: Being involved with digital marketing, why do you feel it is important for a company or agency to have a digital foundation?

Mike: Yes, I feel it is extremely important. Not only does it help the company stay in the forefront of the digital generation, it actually can save time and money by putting marketing back in the hands of the marketing team vs. waiting for the expensive back-end changes to happen.

Blair: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is one of our top-selling solutions; what should a customer know when considering a purchase of AEM?

Mike: The customer should have an idea of where they want their digital future to go and who they want to reach. What is their ultimate goal? For example, is it driving sales, or awareness, or social campaigns, or self-service? 

Blair: How does AEM help customers move thier business forward, particularly in the healthcare industry?

Mike: As is related to user experience, in this case the patient, it really helps a patient to put the control back in their hands and to be guided and aware of the next steps throughout their entire health journey. The patient is no longer waiting on timely paper processes to get the assistance or to gain the awareness that they need.


If you want to learn more about how AEM can help build a successful digital foundation, specifically in the healthcare industry, be sure to register here for our webinar on Wednesday, October 18th.