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Jun 27 2016

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Security Solutions

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Security Solutions Now Live at Emergent 

Data is very powerful and when placed in the right context it can help us make good decisions. We have historically used data to answer complex questions with great success. Raw data is refined to help with business decisions, and sometimes we accomplish this with just the metadata. Financial modeling, budget spend, financial forecast, stock market data & sentiment analysis, political approval ratings, genomics, census, credit and lending, traffic patterns, and leisure travel are examples that heavily use data statistics & mathematical algorithms for decision making. There are many tools in the market that specialize in the analysis and presentation aspects to help businesses make strategic decisions. These solutions broadly fall under the business intelligence practice.

If we apply the same methodology to solve for the security problem (too much data, needle in a haystack problem, no manpower, too many false positives, too many signatures, mutex, phishing etc.) we will have a much higher detection rate and most networks will be secure. Almost the entire computing infrastructure generates data and logs pertaining to its operations; they can (in great detail) print-out, log, and incident data. Analysis tools can interpret this output and create a correlation with user and network packet information. The output of this correlation can point to security incidents and help develop profiles of known and unknown bad so they can be stopped at ingress. We call this the next-generation of protection solutions.

Security appliances and sensors in the past have operated in a vacuum and this led to the complex detection based opsec model that heavily depends on signatures and known bad. Packing tools can quickly create variants of the known bad to make it the unknown bad for attacks on enterprises.

We at Emergent we have been busy in bringing to market new, innovative solutions that truly protect data and infrastructure from malicious actors using machine learning and artificial intelligence. We have found that Emergent's solution stack, when deployed in large production grade networks, has been 98-99% effective in identifying and stopping threats. Our engineering team has been helping clients to make the right decision. Some of the solutions we offer today include the following:

  1. User Behavior Analytics
  2. Network Monitoring and Protection
  3. Email Monitoring and Protection
  4. Threat Intelligence and Security Assessments
  5. Endpoint Protection and Incident Management
  6. Cloud Access Security Brokers
  7. Malware Analysis and Protection
  8. High Value Asset Identification and Protection
  9. Topology Visualization and Remediation
  10. Incident Response and Remediation

Protect your valuable data today and contact Emergent to help guide you to the best possible Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning security solution. If you are interested in learning more about the solutions we offer, please contact Ryan Stowell at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or via phone (571) 419 - 6418.