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Feb 9 2017

Emergent, THE Red Hat Partner

So, this is awkward.  How do I tell the world we’re the best Red Hat Partner without coming across as braggadocious? Vainglorious? Pompous? Is there a way to explain my way out of what seems to be best described as a puff piece?  Well my answer is to write a self-aware article, use a thesaurus to find some gargantuan synonyms for arrogant, and then just let the truth set me free.  So let’s do it. I’ll throw out some tasty facts about Emergent; you can chew on them for a bit and make up your mind; then I’ll wrap it up with a nice little bow and subtly tell you how to feel.  I’ll bet when you are done reading this you won’t even be able to consider other partners without thinking you’re only getting a half-measure.  They’ll be a distant memory. They will be like sipping a store brand cola. Yeah it’s cola, but you wanted a Coke. Same thing here. Sorta.

A good place to start, I think, is to define Emergent’s relationship with Red Hat, a VAR or Value Added Reseller.  The key terms here should be obvious, but for those of you still waiting for your morning cup of joe to kick in, it’s Value Added.  As a reseller if you are not creating additional value for both your OEM and your customer, you must just be pushing paper.  Which, I guess, has some value if you’re a street sweeper after a ticker-tape parade but has no real place in government contracting. Got it? Okay, great.  So now that we’ve established a baseline for what a VAR must be, what is it about Emergent that truly separates it from the competition?  

Emergent is a certified Premier Red Hat partner—validated and currently maintained through partner-level accreditations, each requiring prescribed subset of role-based accreditations and customer references. By achieving accreditations, we are able to confidently provide our customers with reliable guidance and up-to-date information, helping them make sound technology decisions.

In 2016, Emergent bootstrapped a consulting practice to become a Red Hat Services Elite Partner.  This means that Emergent can work directly with Red Hat and customers to provide IT consulting that meets the highest standards set by Red Hat, their own.  Emergent Consulting is one of only three Services Elite practices, and was the first to meet all the certification requirements for the program.  With Emergent Consulting, Red Hat implementations run smoother, on budget, and on schedule.

As an Emerging Tech Partner (ETP), Emergent is committed to delivering the latest Red Hat technology to customers through live labs, workshops, webinars and demos. Emergent is one of six invitation-only partners accepted into Red Hat’s Emerging Technology Partner (ETP) program. The ETP program ascends a small number of premier system integrator partners who specialize in Red Hat’s emerging technology stack and requires participating partners to undergo a yearly recertification process. We were selected based on sales execution within the Federal space and our ongoing personnel, training, and technical investments. This strong collaboration and investment culture maximizes our alignment with Red Hat initiatives. As an ETP partner, we deliver webinars, conduct product demos, labs, proof of concepts, and deliver self-sufficient technical workshops on behalf of Red Hat.

With all that said, I think it is pretty easy to see why Emergent is Red Hat’s strongest partner. Emergent is home to the best trained, most tenacious sales force in the Red Hat Partner ecosystem.  Emergent is growing in ways that are meaningful for Red Hat, like Emerging Tech and Consulting.  All this has led Emergent to win numerous awards in the past including Red Hat Public Sector Partner of the Year in 2011 & 2012.  Emergent will continue its march toward Red Hat partner domination.

So that’s it.  

Emergent is #1.

Emergent is AMAZING!

Well, maybe what is best to say, is that Emergent is dynamic.  It is clear that the Red Hat landscape is evolving rapidly and Emergent is responding rapidly to stay in lockstep with Red Hat’s roadmap.  Perhaps this is what makes Emergent the best Red Hat partner.  We are evolving symbiotically with Red Hat.


That is science (sounding).  So just try to disprove it.

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