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Jun 13 2016

Getting to Know Emergent’s 2016 Summer Intern Garrett Weiskirch


This year, Emergent’s summer interns are a group of talented, dedicated, and smart individuals with bright futures ahead of them. Recently, I had the chance to interview our interns and this is what I learned.

Our first part of the interview series is with Garrett Weiskirch (pictured). Garrett returns to Emergent for his second consecutive summer in a row working with our Adobe Team. 


Welcome back, Garrett! We are excited to have you back working on our Adobe Team this summer! How has this experience been different from last summer so far?

Thanks! I’m excited to be here again. I’d say the best part about this year's experience so far compared to last year is not having to start from scratch. On the first day, I had the ability to help the team by doing various tasks I’ve already gained the knowledge to be able to do. I had already met and worked with most of my team. I also was already comfortable enough with Kayttee and Sara, being my Supervisor and Intern Buddy respectively, to let them know when I could use some work or would like to help.

What College/University do you attend? What is your major?

I attend the University of South Carolina where I am earning a Bachelor's in Sport and Entertainment Management with a Minor in Business Administration. 

Did you have any knowledge about Adobe products prior to coming on board last summer? Did your first internship with us provide you with knowledge to bring back with you this summer?

I had some knowledge of Adobe products, which mostly included their more mainstream software (Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.). Working at Emergent last summer caused me to see a pretty instantaneous spike in that knowledge. I definitely am still learning things from the team daily though, by working with them on various accounts and projects.

Do you want to pursue sales after graduation?

I am definitely considering it. At this point, It’s on a short list of careers I think I would really enjoy doing. Paul had told me that your first internship is going to really start to show you what you would like and what you would not like In a job. Emergent hasn’t really been able to show me anything I would not like in a job so I think that’s really encouraging towards how I feel about the field.  

Where are you from? Is your family local to the area?

I was born In Colorado but moved to Maryland before my first birthday and definitely consider myself from here. My mom’s side of the family Is from Montgomery County MD (where I’ve lived since CO) and VA beach and my dad’s side is from VA and CO. I have two step-brothers and many cousins whom I’m about as close as you can be with as they are pretty much all similar ages to me.

What has been your favorite part of working with Emergent so far? Have you faced any challenges?

The first challenge was definitely just getting a grasp on what the company is doing. The contracts we use here and many other Adobe account details were very confusing originally. Over time though, I’ve picked up on a lot of these things and the more I understand, the more confidence and motivation I’ve had in continuing to build on that knowledge.

What piece of advice would you give someone starting out in an internship? 

My cousin Brendan Wiles Is a first year intern at the VA beach office this summer and what I told him was to not get too overwhelmed or nervous and just to constantly be putting effort into the work you’re asked to do. As long as you’re giving the work your all and you don’t allow yourself to get discouraged, you’re going to inevitably learn a ton of things over the summer that you might’ve originally thought were incredibly complicated or confusing. Plus once you get to a level of knowledge where you can actually see the ways which you are helping the team out, it is a really great feeling!

If you would like to connect with Garrett on LinkedIn - Click here