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Jun 29 2016

Getting to Know Emergent’s 2016 Summer Intern Stephen Holden




Part two of the Getting to Know Emergent's 2016 Summer Interns interview series is with Stephen (Blake) Holden. Stephen joins Emergent for his first summer working with our Red Hat Sales Team.  




Welcome! We are excited to have you on the Emergent Team this summer! How did you find out about the Red Hat Sales internship?

That is a funny story actually. I was out one night with my brother and I met Ryan Stowell.  We began to discuss my career desires, and I mentioned IT solutions and computer science. Ryan, naturally- as he is part of the emerging technologies team here at emergent, began to talk about a company that I have never heard of Emergent. He then mentioned the internship program and how it is a great way to get my foot in the door in a corporate environment. He gave me his card and six months later I found it in my wallet and sent Ryan an email regarding my interest in a summer internship. After a short application process here I am!

Where are you from?

I am from Morganton, North Carolina. It is a small town in western NC located about 40 miles from Asheville. 

Where do you attend college? What is your major?

I attend Wake Forest University.  I intend to stay with pre-med track while completing a major in Computer Science. 

What are some hobbies you have?

I bike to work which I guess you could consider a hobby except for the fact that it is my only mode of transportation to really get to work (this should demonstrate my awesome dedication to the company)

But my real hobbies are messing with computer hardware. I work in a drone lab at Wake Forest where I operate on dead drones used by the Biology department. In my spare time I pilot them and just have fun with them.

I also play the piano. This takes up the majority of my spare time. 

That is awesome you play the piano, how long have you been playing? 

I have been playing since eighth grade and I am mainly self-taught. Right now I focus on emulating pop music and writing my own covers for modern music.

You operate on dead drones? That is amazing, what kind of work does that entail?

Usually if a drone comes in that is broken (a fried motherboard, broken arm/wing, or engine malfunction) I am in charge of making the drone capable of flight again. I run test flights and make sure software is running correctly and is calibrated correctly. I am also in charge of fitting the drones with extra equipment needed for the biology research. For instance, the professor I work for studies the migration of a species of Peruvian deer in the Amazonian rainforest. To do this he needed a thermal camera to be equipped to the drone to track the deer. I was in charge of fitting the camera and making calculations as far as flight time and efficiency of the drone goes. 

Do you have another job other than working with us? If so, how do you handle the workload?

I am a server on weeknights and weekends. Luckily there is not really a time conflict between the two jobs. I am able to handle the workload by keeping my workloads separate.

What made you interested in joining our Red Hat Sales Team for the summer? Are you interested in pursuing sales after you graduate?

I was very interested in the technical side of the Red Hat product. Understanding the hardware and software of Red Hat and then seeing how it applies to businesses and business models has been a very interesting experience for me.

Before my internship I would have never imagined myself pursuing sales but now, after seeing the daily routine, tasks, and skills of a salesperson, I am considering it!

What has been your favorite part of this internship so far? Have you faced any challenges?

So far my favorite part has been learning about the product. How to sell it, how to apply it, and how everything works together to benefit businesses.

If you would like to connect with Stephen on LinkedIn - Click here