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Aug 17 2017

The Magic of Cloud is Actually Automation

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The debate on whether public cloud or private cloud providers can be more cost effective rages on.  Certainly, there are efficiencies that come with scale in costs like data center space, power, hardware and the like, but I believe that it is generally agreed that manpower expenses dominate most IT application lifecycle costs.  I also think that most experts would agree with me that this is the area in which public cloud (and some private cloud) providers have made the most gains—reducing costs not by 30% or 50%, but by 95% or more.  Just a few years ago, “best in class” system admins would manage around 30 servers—now one cloud admin can handle 10,000 servers or more.  This is the real game-changer of “cloud.”

How do they do it?  Are the system admins in the large cloud providers really that much better than everyone else?  No, they just use better tools!  IT automation products like Chef and Puppet—and more recently Ansible or Terraform—have greatly reduced the man-hours required to configure and manage servers and storage.  Container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes have given developers control over creating the environments they need, when they need them, and simplifies retiring those environments when they are no longer required so their resources may be returned to the combined pool.

Automation is also the key to adopting a DevOps approach to IT development and sustainment.  Not to mention that once you have automated your environments, you can begin to spend less time on managing the “plumbing” of your IT infrastructure and more time on adding value to your organization.  The cost savings in this architecture rapidly become apparent, so as a CIO or IT manager you can show the impact you are having to your organization’s bottom line.

If you are looking to save money, automation may be a more effective and faster solution than a focus on public cloud.  Emergent has the skills to automate your organization and is hosting Ansible Workshops to show you how to get started.  If you are still wondering how cloud can change your organization, Emergent has a robust methodology for analyzing your IT environment and providing a strategic roadmap for modernization along with a business case analysis.  Reach out today for more information!