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Workshop Webinars

Our OpenShift and Ansible workshops are now available in a live webinar format.

Stay tuned for our next scheduled OpenShift and Ansible workshop!

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OpenShift Lab Details

Emergent's OpenShift workshop will teach you how you can use the OpenShift Container Platform to speed development, simplify DevOps and use containers to deliver applications even faster.

  • Login and a tour of OCP
  • Getting comfortable with Docker
  • Deploying an app with Source-to-image (abstracting the complexity of Docker. simplifying the process)
  • Developing and managing your application
  • Operational management of OpenShift - utilization of the infrastructure and individual applications
  • Webhooks and rollbacks for apps
  • Replication and recovery for apps
  • The role and value of labels
  • Working in CI | CD pipelines
  • Executing a Blue | Green Deployment

Ansible Lab Details

Our most popular workshop, the Ansible lab takes you through running ad-hoc commands in Core, writing and running a playbook, using more advanced features such as variables, loops, and handlers, and installing, configuring, and running job templates in Tower. The academic delivery model creates comfort and familiarity with this popular tool. 

  • Exercise 1.1 - Ad-Hoc Commands
  • Exercise 1.2 - Writing Your First Playbook
  • Exercise 1.3 - Running Your First Playbook
  • Exercise 1.4 - Using Variables, loops, and handlers
  • Exercise 1.5 - Running the apache-basic-playbook
  • Exercise 1.6 - Roles: Making your playbooks reusable
  • Exercise 2.1 - Installing Ansible Tower
  • Exercise 2.2 - Configuring Ansible Tower
  • Exercise 2.3 - Creating and Running a Job Template
  • Resources, Wrap Up​

Photos are from past onsite Red Hat Workshops by Emergent.