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Proactively detect, prevent, and analyze known and unknown threat activity on any endpoint

Endpoint Security 

FireEye Endpoint Security delivers advanced detection and prevention capabilities to help respond to threats that can bypass traditional endpoint defenses. With the addition of anti virus and malware detection capabilities for known threats, along with endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities, analysts can now rely on a single endpoint agent for expanded visibility to quickly determine the exact scope and level of attack activities related to both known and unknown threats. With detailed context on blocked and unknown threats, analysts can adapt defenses to all cyber attacks.

How endpoint security works

Endpoint Security lets you search for and investigate known and unknown threats on tens of thousands of endpoints in minutes. It uses Dynamic Threat Intelligence to correlate alerts generated by FireEye endpoint and security products and log management. 

After validating a threat you can determine:​

  1. Which vectors an attack used to infiltrate an endpoint
  2. Whether an attack occurred and to which endpoints
  3. If lateral spread occurred and to which endpoints
  4. How prevented attacks were conducted
  5. What actions were taken by an attack, and where it originated
  6. How long an endpoint has been compromised
  7. If IP has been exfiltrated
  8. Which endpoints/systems to contain to prevent further compromise ​


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